Jos Vanneste - European Flax

Flax Tops for worsted and fancy spinning systems

Jos Vanneste produces combed and recommend flax tops. We have a wide range from “rustic” look to extremely fine “silky” bleached and even dyed combed slivers. Our quality specifications are based on:

1. Fineness
2. Cleanness
3. Length
4. Color

Our combed spiders are mainly sold  for production of blends with flax on the wool and fancy yarn spinning systems. The production process includes the carding, the stretch breaking, the gill boxing, the combing and somethimes recombing. As raw material, we use the best selection of European long fiber, Hackled tow and somethimes some best grades rescuthed tows. The color is brought by the retting process: Dew retting (medium grey to anthracite) and water retting (yellow/gold). For particular uses there is possibility of cutting at requested length. Our large collection of tops includes 4 references in bleached. Two of them can be considered as exceptional premium qualities used for “rich blends” or blends with noble fibers like silk, cashmere...

We are certainly the only linen tops producers offering dyed colored Tops. More than 40 reactive dyed shades are available from stock. For more details about this beautiful product, please contact-us.

These dyed tops are specially made to obtain a multico look. The blend can be done in 100% linen or you can mix with other materials. We also offer the possibility of selling a “natural + dyed” pre-blend.