Jos Vanneste - European flax

Classification & Selection

Under guidance of Alex, Piet and Didier are continuously on the road to select the most suitable long and short  flax fibers for our European & overseas customers as well as for our own mill. We are well aware that flax fibers are difficult to classify as most of our customers are having their own specific requirements. That means that part of our job is to understand first what the buyer and the technicians are looking for. Based on this information, we select in the different scuthing mills with whom we built a strong relation during the last decades.

Long & Short Fiber Flax

Over the last 15 years, the ways of trading flax fiber has changed a lot and our main objective in Jos Vanneste flax trading division is to mainly be the professional, reliable and transparent quality link between the scutcher and the spinner.

1. We cooperate and communicate in a very open way with our suppliers, on prices, quantity and  quality standards our customers are looking for.
2. In order to give you our best expertise on flax fibers available we source in all famous flax area’s from Normandie, over Belgium to the North of Holland. To save on transport and warehousing costs, when possible, we load the goods in the mills where we have selected them but we also have stocking facilities where flax from local Belgian scuthing mills is classified by us.
3. For a good customer understanding on the origin of the fiber and to give them a full “lot passport”, we are very transparent on the traceability as a convinced member of the “European Flax community”