Jos Vanneste - European Flax

Flax Fibers for Technical applications

Flax ecological properties also bring performances and competitivity to the new generation of materials. The use of flax fiber guarantees protection of the environment until the end of life cycle. As they are 100% natural, they are 100% renewable with a perfect recyclability and biodegradability. All the ecological benefits of this natural fiber are coming in addition to the strength and light weight. We can say the flax fiber is today a major part in technical innovations and high-tech developments, and his contribution to reduce the carbon will increase in the future. The flax fiber has many properties and among them we can mention:

1. High mechanical strength
2. Healthy product
3. Lightness
4. Sound absorption
5. Thermal isolation
6. 100% recyclable

Few examples of application areas:

1. Automotive
2. Paper
3. Design
4. Eco-building
5. Sport
6. Geo-textile

You can be sure Jos Vanneste has the ability and the know-how to select and supply the best choice of flax to fit your specific requirements.