Quality control

Although the industry is rather traditional and little normalized, JOS VANNESTE S.A. introduced a very strict control procedure into their production system.
The state-of-the-art equipment in the laboratory of JOS VANNESTE S.A. gives permanent information on thickness, fiberlength and degree of cleanliness.
JOS VANNESTE S.A.'s fiber shades reach unparallelled conformity levels thanks to the analyses which are carried out to normalize the shades. Controls on strength, twist, shade and moisture content assure strict conformity in the spinning process.

Our laboratory is equiped with :

Air Flow Adjusted for linen and puts a comparable figure on the fiber thickness.
All Meter Gives the fiber diagram and classifies the fibers in fiberlength groups.
Spectra Flash Defines the shades and indicates their deviation from a preselected standard.
Töniessen Allows a visual and numeric evaluation of faults in slivers or tops.

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