Achievements for linen / flax blending purposes

N.V. Jos Vanneste S.A. is located in Kortrijk, the historical world center of the flax industry. The family business is currently run by the fourth generation of Vannestes, who also intend to be "Linen Experts".

The company's worldwide renowned flax fibers, pure linen yarns and linen tops for blending with other fibers are the results of its optimism, dynamism and know-how.

In the 50s N.V. Jos Vanneste S.A. concentrated its energy and creativity on 2 fields which were taboos at that time:

1. Making linen suitable for spinning on both cotton-woollen and the worsted spinning system.
2. Promoting the blending of linen with other natural, artificial and synthetic fibers.

In today's production system fibers are prepared and treated in order to make them ready for spinning on the following systems:

Spinning system Fiber
Traditional cotton spinning Fibers converted to 30 to 50 mm
Open end spinning Fibers converted to 25 to 40 mm
Woollen spinning Fibers converted to 40 to 70 mm
Worsted and semi-worsted spinning Both carded slivers and tops (combed slivers) converted into fiber lengths of 70 to 150 mm depending on the fiber length of the carrier or cut fiber of similar characteristics

Per spinning system we offer the following range of qualities:

  • natural grey (dew or watered)
  • boiled or boiled and scoured (degummed)
  • bleached (optical or natural)  

    The types vary in:

    • fiber fineness
    • grade of cleanliness
    • colour
    • fiber diagram





Today pure linen and linen blends have become a worlwide prestige. Thanks to the combined efforts of individuals, leading spinners and weavers as well as the effective promotion of the Western European flax industry by the European Confederation for Linen and Hemp (CELC) and the EU, linen is now universally appreciated as a quality fiber, which is cherished by many famous designers. "Linen has soul".


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