A company with tradition tells the "secrets of linen"

N.V. JOS VANNESTE S.A. is located in Kortrijk, the historical world center of the flax industry. The family business is currently run by the fourth generation of Vannestes : Alex who also intend to be "linen experts".

The company's worldwide renowned flax fibers, pure linen yarns and linen tops used for blending with other fibers are the results of its optimism, dynamism and know-how.

N.V. Jos Vanneste S.A. stands for




  • A lively tradition, focused on the future.
  • A thorough knowledge of raw materials and their possibilities




  •  Through its priviliged location in the world center of linen JOS VANNESTE S.A. is at the forefront of the market, which allows it to react promptly to any event.



  •  Thanks to continuous research and creativity both the qualities and the production processes can be further improved and new end-uses for linen be discovered.  

Jos Vanneste Linen


  •  A monthly capacity of 

300 tons fiber production - 1000 tons trading and 120 tons yarn selling allow highly appreciated "JUST IN TIME" deliveries in all parts of the world.


  • The wide network of representatives in textile centers all over the world keeps JOS VANNESTE S.A. informed about new trends and evolutions. Through this permanent information N.V. Jos Vanneste S.A. is able to respond to any personal demand.



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